“Ithra’a in the Desert Park” Program

“Ithra’a in the Desert Park” Program

(An Outdoor Learning Program beyond the Borders of a School), under the slogan:

GO, Engage, Discover & Learn beyond the Classroom)!

The most important motive behind the launch of “Ithra’a in the Desert Park” program is the positive results of the field survey in which 85 teachers from 53 Sharjah government and private schools participated in. The results revealed that the majority of the participants supported the idea of the program which aimed at bridging of the curriculum lessons topics with outdoor enrich learning tools and live resources that are available at the Desert Park cultural and scientific learning stations that are full of enriched and interactive educational tools and resources related to the key scientific concepts, skills and principles of the curriculum materials that are usually taught to the students in various grades level from kindergarten to secondary school.

The total number of students who benefited from their field outdoor learning to lessons in science, biology and geology at the premise of the desert Park learning centers, is 338 students from 15 schools. The students’ access ways and benefits were varied from students’ close observation and usage to live interactive educational tools and resources to their access to educational enriched workshops and practical examination to different kinds of plants, soils and rocks, etc., using magnifying glasses and materials.

The first phase of the program had been evaluated in terms of the program effectiveness and its impact on students’ understanding and academic achievement in the scientific curriculum material, by using a range of feedback forms and face-to-face interviews with students and teachers. The results of evaluating the different aspects of the program and its impact revealed the overwhelming support by the majority of students and their teachers to the idea of the program and their great benefit from the program which was reflected positively on their academic achievement level in the scientific material in comparison to their colleagues of students who did not learn the same lesson subject outdoor.