Islamic Botanical Garden

Islamic Botanical Garden

Part of Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum under the Environment and Protected Areas Authority. The Botanical Garden includes Native plants of the Emirate of Sharjah; which contains 91 species of Native plants that are distributed in pools representing different environments in the emirate.  Soils were brought from these environments and placed in pools of up to 10 pools, some plants have the ability to grow in most of these environments, and therefore they existed in several pools.

The Gardens' objectives is to introduce these local habitats to visitors and researchers, in addition to the plants that live in them, and the garden is a beautiful epitome of the natural habitat of the Emirate of Sharjah and its botanical treasures.

- Types of soil in the garden's pool:

  1. Salty soil between dunes – Khor Kalba
  2. Non-Calcareous sand dunes- Khor Kalba
  3. Rocky area – Khor Fakkan
  4. Alluvial plain with ultrabasic rocks – Al Dhaid
  5. Alluvial plains with deep lime soil - Al Mussanad
  6. Alluvial plains with lime soil – Al Dhaid
  7. Alluvial plains with shallow lime soil – Al Dhaid
  8. Ferruginous sand dunes – Al Dhaid
  9. Calcareous sand dunes – Hamriya Cost
  10. Coastal plain salt marsh - Hamriya Cost


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