Children's Farm

Children's Farm

It was opened in May 1997 as a part of Sharjah Desert Park, which is under the Environment and Protected areas Authority.

It was established to raise children’s environmental awareness and cultural knowledge, and provide a comprehensive picture of the local domesticated animals.

Visitors will also be aware of the importance of local animals and will familiarize them with their characteristics and advantages, through awareness-raising activities, programs and workshops.

The farm offers an interesting experience to interact with the animals and birds, under a supervision of guides who provide a detailed explanation.

The children’s Farm is divided into two sections indoor and outdoor:

The indoor section organizes educational and environmental programs:

  • Informative talk about each animal in The Farm.
  • Recycling used products to create pictures of the farm’s animals.
  • Environmental Awareness Programs.

The indoor section also has a small library which contains reading material such as books and magazines and a screen shows documentaries and environmental films.

The outdoor section houses live domestic animals:

  • Such as dromedary camels, donkeys, an Arabian horse, ponies, cows, goats, sheep, and a number of different kinds of poultry; chickens, Mallard and Muscovy ducks, Grey geese and Indian peafowl.
  • Here children can interact with the animals in a positive way by feeding them, as well as riding ponies and camels.



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