Animal Welfare Exhibition teaches kids how to care for animals

Animal Welfare Exhibition teaches kids how

November 2017, 03 It was all the fun of the farm, on Monday, as school-aged children and staff from UAE organisations took part in the Animal Welfare Exhibition at the Children’s Farm in Sharjah Desert Park. The event was a joint project between the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) in Sharjah and the Children’s Farm aimed at raising awareness of animal welfare. The school children took part in activities and workshops that taught them how to best care for animals including ways of handling them and transporting them. The exhibition also included educational and entertaining activities.  Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, Chairperson of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority said: “All the children and participants enjoyed the Animal Welfare Exhibition immensely even as they are learning important issues relating to animal welfare. The EPAA takes animal welfare and the rights of animals very seriously and so are happy to collaborate with the Children’s Farm to highlight this important topic.”  Mariam Matar, Director of the Children’s Farm said, “Participants also learnt how to be an appropriate caretaker of animals, how to feed and groom them as well as what signs to look out for should the animal become sick. The event also seeks to encourage community engagement and volunteering in animal protection.” Many other organisations collaborated in the event including Dubai Customs; Al Dhaid Municipality; Agrivita, a subsidiary of Agthia; the Breeding Centre; the Voluntary Animal Welfare Group and an outlet for animal grooming supplies. Al Suwaidi expressed her thanks and appreciation to the entities who helped in organizing the exhibition, saying: “They are our strategic partners in all our activities and programs and significantly contribute to helping us achieve our goals.”