Date of Declaration: 2007

Geographical Location: Central Region of Sharjah (Al Dhaid)

Total Area: 18.5555 km2

Ecosystem Features: a wildlife protected area with gravel plains dominated by Acacia trees, which is a distinctive habitat for different forms of wildlife and an ideal environment for many different species.

Environmental Significance: its environmental importance lies in the high density of Acacia trees that have exceptional environmental importance, due to its unique characteristics and nutritional value for the wildlife in the region. It is a key source of food for camels and goats in the dry desert and semi-arid regions, due to the absence of other food resources, which considered as a suitable environment for camels. It is also a home for the Avicennia tree, which its flowers produce a nectar considered to be a good source of food for bees producing the local honey. Moreover, part of the protected area is being developed to a natural park.