Meleiha Protected Area

Meleiha Protected Area

Date of Declaration: 2007

Geographical Location:  Central region / Maliha/Sharjah

Total Area: 36.6 km2

Ecosystem Features: It is characterized by its rocky mountain ecosystem, and the presence of marine fossils that lived 70 years ago, when the Arabian Peninsula was flooded by shallow water during the Paleozoic Era. The most important fossils in the area are, Nummulites and Ammonites, in addition to Tetracorallas and Trilobites that made of different minerals like calcite and chromite. The area also has different forms of wildlife like some rodents and reptiles.

Environmental Significance: The geographical location of this protected area gives its ecological importance. In addition to the areas significant cultural and historical importance, since it is an important archaeological site in Sharjah, where archaeological findings have been discovered like pottery remnants. It also considered as the first geological protected area, and an open geological museum for modern and medium-scale excavation.