Wadil helo

Wadil helo

Date of Declaration:  2007

Geographical Location: Sharjah/ Kalba road.

Total Area: 3.00 km2

Ecosystem Features:

Wadil-helo is a wildlife protected area with mountain slopes and valleys, and is known for Sidr trees or Christ’s thorn trees. It is considered a home for various species of birds, reptiles and rodents, in addition to freshwater fish communities.

Environmental Significance: 

It has been declared as a protected area to protect and preserve the physical and biological resources such as mountains and valleys, as well as species such as birds, reptiles, rodents, and freshwater fish that inhabit the area. It has an ecological significance since it has unique biodiversity in flora and fauna. Around 216 plant species has been recorded in the region, including 147 species recorded in the natural environments, and 111 species have been recorded in active farms. The study also recorded the most six rare plants which has been registered in the country once or twice only.