Our Authority

Our Authority

In the last decade, environment and conserving natural resources takes the first place internationally, and since The Emirate has been a pioneer in the fields of science and culture; Sharjah, led by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, established an institution in charge of environmental affairs. This establishment led to the founding of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority in Sharjah.

The Authority aims to protect the environment, and the wildlife and its biodiversity. This happens through scientific research, setting appropriate policies to raise awareness, supporting the principle of sustainable development to preserve natural environmental resources, and by a guaranteed exploitation of natural resources to the benefit of the present generation without wasting the right of future generations.

Also, the Authority seeks to be the main source and the main reference in the Emirate of Sharjah for environment and wildlife.

The ِAuthority also adopts the principle of participation and teamwork, between the Authority and the public institutions that have relevant environmental affairs on both scientific and practical levels. It also depends on sharing the members of the society in this noble goal which is the basis of the resettlement of our scientific capabilities; and to generalize the responsibility.

Many important centers which support the preservation of the environment and its safety, belong to this Authority and they aim to spread the environmental awareness in the United Arab Emirates. These centers are:

Authority's branch in the East Coast:

The branch of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority in Khorfakkan was established in November 2011, to cover the eastern region in order to raise awareness and environmental education and to protect wild habitats from exploitation. Thus, this branch will be a representative of the Authority's headquarter in Sharjah, following its approach, its vision and objectives.

The fields of work of the Authority's Branch in the East Coast are the following:

- To implement and develop plans and programs that contribute to the sustainable development to preserve the natural and environmental resources, and to ensure using them for the benefit of the present generation without wasting the right of future generations.

- To manage and control the Emirate’s environmental and natural resources and to take the necessary procedures to protect and maintain administrative, legal and technical measurements.

- To produce the necessary proposals in the field of environmental protection, and contribute to the development of deterrent laws against those who may cause harm to our wild environment.

- To spread environmental awareness through awareness programs and activities about the importance of preserving environment and to define the Authority and its objectives.

- To put action plans for permanent inspection for the wild and industrial sites to preserve the environment.

- To adopt social participation in all environmental and national activities which is one of the Authority's visions that based on the principle of shared participation and teamwork between the Authority and public institutions which have relevant environmental affairs at scientific and practical levels and to involve members of the society in this noble goal which is the basis to settle our scientific capabilities; and to generalize responsibilities.


Learning centres

Desert Park centers, namely:

- Arabia's Wildlife Centre

- Children's Farm

- Natural History and Botanical Museum

- Islamic Botanical Garden

- Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife (Research Center)


Other centres:

- Kalba Bird of Prey Centre

- Wasit Wetland Centre

- Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre

- Buhais Geology Park

- Al Dhaid Wildlife Centre


Protected areas:

 Jazirat Sir Bo Na'air



- Wasit Wetland

- Ed-dhelaimah

- Wadil-helo

 Elmentether Greenbelt



- Elebriddi

- Lemdynah


Authority's tasks and responsibilities:

Outlined in Article No. (4) of the Act establishing the functions and terms of reference of the main body and which are as follows:

- Setting goals decided by the federal environment legislation into effect.

- The proposal with local environmental legislation did not refer to federal legislation.
- Conducting studies and scientific research and provide the necessary information associated with the work of the Commission.

- Identify policies needed to perform their work in coordination with the concerned authorities to preserve the environment and wildlife.

- Coordination and cooperation with governmental bodies, institutions and academic bodies and regional organizations, research centers and that in all things that is relevant to the work of the Commission.

- Evaluate the effectiveness of existing development activities and their environmental impacts and make recommendations to ensure their improvement.

- Participation in activities and events pertaining to the protection of the environment and wildlife.

- HH the transmittal of the ruling issues directly linked to its work.