Our Strategy

Our Strategy


Sharjah and the Environment - Responsibility & Commitment



To build an interactive partnership, and to improve the environmental management methodology, to contribute to the maintenance of the environmental system, to achieve sustainable development, and to preserve the environmental interests for both current and future generations.



The Authority seeks to set systematic environmental plans that can be achieved to develop environmental policies and legislation which enable the actual contribution to the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and the preservation of ecological human quality, and raise the level of environmental awareness, and achieve harmony between development and environmental protection in the Emirate of Sharjah.



- The directives and decisions of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.

- Executive Council of the Emirate of Sharjah decisions.

- National Environmental Strategy of the United Arab Emirates.


Future Ambitions:

Getting aware of the responsibilities of strategic duties surrounding the rate of environmental work and what is required from the need to emphasize the responsibility of commitment to continue to achieve more accomplishment and contribute to changing environmental situation to a better future. EPAA seeks to develop strategies and action plans to achieve goals which it was created through working on the development of technical and administrative staff, as well as programs and plans  development within work areas. In addition to stress on implementing environmental policy properly, which will be backed by a apropos political environmental decision.

Furthermore, EPAA aims to stress on  increasing the level of environmental awareness to different parts of society to achieve the vision of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi the Ruler of Sharjah, with regard to preserve the ecosystems, and seek to entrench the principle that environmental protection is everyone's responsibility, also stressed that the protection of the environment is a religious duty and moral responsibility.

In the framework of that principle EPAA will work on deepen the aspects of joint cooperations, and partnerships to develop environmental action mechanisms  at the national and regional level, to ensure the development of practical plans that motivates social beliefs and in particular decision-makers in order to increase attention to environmental issues. This will lead to the adoption of environmental policy that is required to address the environmental issues and exclude environmental risks triggers. Which can contribute in a positive change to the environmental assessment criteria for new projects, to  implement development plans and urban civilization development. In order to ensure the embodiment of developed plans and programs to preserve the ecosystems, including reinforcing sustainable development, and save the environmental rights of both present and future generations.